Services: Nothing stings worse than learning a client went to another agent to buy a policy that you sell. Instead of waiting to hear “Be sure to update your customers all the different problems you can help them solve so you do not let any leads fall through the cracks.
The funny thing is that they are not even the most amazing ways people make money on YouTube. There are hundreds of thousands of people who make thousands and even millions by filming themselves doing craziest things.
Also, on the pricing page, it’s unclear what the checkmarks mean. It’s safe to assume that these are the features offered and they extend from another column. I mean I can intuit it, but can everyone? It may be easier and more clear to put checkmarks directly on the features in the plan.
My friends at Harpoon are so thoughtful, are not they? This simple, timely email really feels like it’s coming from a friend, which is why it’s so effective. In an age of email automation, it’s easy for email campaigns to feel a little robotic. And while I’m sure that this email was, in fact, automated, it feels really human.
I keep that Brennan’s welcome video is quite unique. It’s instructional and helpful. His invitation to talk on Skype does not go unnoticed. This personal touch is a great way to end Planscope’s sales funnel.
“Saying goodbye is never easy to do … So, we thought we would give you a chance to rethink things”. This was the subject of this automated unsubscribe email from HireVue. We love the simple, guilt-free messaging here, from the funny header images to the great call-to-action button copy.
It is imperative to rent the right people into the sales team. Just like a good customer profile, there should be a good salesperson profile and this should be used to hire people with the drive mix of drive, ambition, experience and ability to work as part of a sales team. Once hired, identify the most beneficial training programs to ensure that sales from different backgrounds and levels of experience are brought up to each other wherever possible.
You may want to be the first recipient in your spreadsheet so you can test the message delivery. Use the Preview Results button to view the message you will receive. Follow the send instructions, but change the Send Records option from All to Current. This will only send the message currently being previewed through Outlook.
advising people on something you’re passionate about. For most marketers, that’s the dream: the true place for any intellectual, power or guru.
1) Create remarkable email content. Your content needs to be amazing if you want people to stay subscribed and forward your emails to their friends, family and colleagues that are not already on your email list.
Of course, the paradox for new agents is that the free will come from the years of working to gain customers’ trust and referrals. New agents are better advised to spend their time prospecting for clients or build up their SEO rankings website.
14) Leverage your company’s YouTube channel. Add calls to action and URLs in your videos to encourage people to subscribe to your list, and include links to relevant landing pages in your videos’ text descriptions.
On MailChimp’s pricing page, the focus is on getting you signed up for free, with an email, username, and password. They want to get up and start using the product as soon as possible. They hope you will help them market themselves by using their products and spreading MailChimp further. Email marketing is often a one-too-many communication platform. The more you use it, the more you are to upgrade. is a business-to-consumer website. It’s all about downloading and keeping track of your financial data. It’s a free app, so they want to make it as easy as possible for people to sign up and start benefiting immediately.
Collected forms automatically capture form submissions, even if they come from a different tool. Follow-up with the post-filling forms and provide resources, or just touch-base to say hello.
Keep a personal touch while removing manual tasks from your to-do list. Pre-built marketing automation creates room to focus on strategy. Welcome, re-engage, and follow up with the people who matter to you. If you are new to marketing automation, get up with one of our nifty guides: What is Marketing Automation?
As you can see from the image above, there are also conditional rules that can be used through your campaign. The most common being the ‘Wait’ condition. After sending the first email, we add the wait condition for 1 day, so the next email in the sequence is sent out after the first, and so on.
4) Create multiple email subscriptions types that you can use to add more targeted content to specific segments of your marketing personas. Email recipients are more likely to click through emails that have been targeted at them, so if you create multiple, targeted subscription types, you will increase the chance that visitors will subscribe to one of them.
For someone in retail, there’s a fairly
They’re more worried about being locked in, and whether they could spend that $ 9
The Australian Spam Act 2003 is enforced by the Australian Communications and Media Authority, widely known as “ACMA”. The act defines the term unsolicited electronic messages, states how unsubscribe functions must work for commercial messages, and gives other key information. Fines range with 3 fine of AU $ 110,000 being issued to Virgin Blue Airlines (2011), Tiger Airways Holdings Limited (2012) and Cellar Master Wines Pty Limited (2013). [16]
At this stage a customer has taken a step beyond just going through basic information about your product. This initial commitment commitment tags them as a lead sales. It means that something about your offering moved them beyond just observing to actual action while a little gesture. This does not mean that they have a good value. That will be assessed based on their level of engagement or attractiveness. This is a tricky stage because there is access to a wide variety of expressions of interest and identifying potential sales correctly can make the difference between successful sales and wasted efforts.
Mixergy works because they’re getting contact information. They’re giving you access to all of their content, but they’re charging you for it. There are areas of the site only members can access. There’s a little bit of mental friction there.
First of all, BuzzFeed has awesome subject lines and preview text. They are always short and punchy – which fits in perfectly with the rest of BuzzFeed’s content. I especially love how the text text will accompany the subject. For example, if the text is a question, the preview text is the answer. If the text is a command (like the one below), the preview text looks like the next logical thought right after it:
Not only was this initial email great, but my answer was even better: Within a few days of responding to the questionnaire, I received a long and detailed personal email from Matt thanking me for filling out the questionnaire and offering a ton of helpful advice and links to resources specifically catered to my answers. I was very impressed by his business acumen, communication skills, and clear dedication to his readers.
Getting started should not be daunting. Generally, you’ll know right away whether you like a user interface (UI) or not, and most of the contenders I review free trial so you can poke around before dropping any cash. Luckily, most of these services have modern-looking graphics and uncluttered layouts. These are not the complex business software interfaces of yore. Be careful though, as some free trial requires a credit card, which means you need to be sure to cancel your trial before you’re billed if you’re not happy with the service.
Include Pop – Ups on YouTube Videos: There’s a lot to do with pop-ups on your video. Here’s a great article on how to add clickable buttons to your YouTube videos.
If your priority is to make sales, then your website will work better if it was designed for that purpose. Consider if you’ve built your current website with that in mind. Perhaps you did not. You may have let your web designer take control and make it look nice, without a clear purpose.
By comparing these against the conversions other people are achieving, and comparing them against what you think you should be able to achieve, you can start to understand where you can improve your sales process. More than this, you can start making changes to the way you do things, and measuring the effects of these changes on conversion rates.
Set Exit Pop – Ups: Instead of displaying a good gift offer when visitors arrive at your site, you can also activate pop – ups to appear before your visitors leave your site, or any other number of customizable triggers. Google does not necessarily love these, but many digital marketers use them and they can be helpful in converting site visitors. SumoMe also offers customizable pop – ups to get you started capturing the attention of leads.
Nurturing is the opposite of abusing. This is the biggest problem with the most “Internet Marketing” approaches to list building and email marketing. Instead of growing prospects, online marketers often “milk the list” for all its worth and then go out and build
If you plan to include them in your newsletter after the signup, notify them. Many people will not object to this, but if you try to sneak them into an email campaign when they all wanted to sign up, you will create a lot of discontent (not to mention kill your credibility).
that old way they use only to fill out forms on websites.
Do good business. Plain and simple. Whether you are selling on a small site or opening an online store, your customer service issues. You’ll want to get those positive reviews and make a good name for yourself. Respond to questions, concerns and complaints. Offer a guarantee if available.
There are a couple of things we love about this email example from PayPal. Not only is the open copy and concise, but the whole concept also reflects a profitable benefit of using the service. Think about it: How many times have you been in a situation where you went out to dinner with friends and then fussed over the bill when it was time to pay? By tapping into this common pain point, PayPal is able to capture the interest of its audience.
Lastly, and Amazon does this really well, your customers make great candidates, so do not forget to integrate some forms of registration or email as part of your purchase process. Just remember to treat these addresses with special look, which we will talk about in phase 2.
Everyone enters here, possibly as a result of the interest generated in your product through an effective marketing or promotional strategy. The top of the funnel is the widest because no filter mechanism is at play and there is encouragement for everyone to explore.
One of the smarter ways to collect email online is to simply integrate email into your product’s use. The most basic technique here is required for an email to sign up (which most companies do), but this is also an opportunity to get creative.
There’s a better solution: Build out an automated email follow-up campaign that speaks directly to this objection. Anytime you encounter this problem, you can send that prospect information that looks like just for them. A multi-month education campaign can reduce their content anxiety and nurture them for sale. Yes, it’s work up front, but once finished, this campaign will work for you always.

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As humans, we tend to crave personalized experiences. So when emails appear to be created especially for you, you feel special – you’re not just getting what everyone else is getting. You may even feel like the company sends you the email you know in some way and that it cares about your preferences and make you happy.
Email marketing helps you grow your network and build your list by allowing you to capture the email through a website opt-in box. By entering their name and email, visitors will give you permission to market them by email and make offers to them by email. Remember to promote your email newsletter via social media, on your website, when speaking, in products, and even in your email signature.
the top 10 most common questions for consumers may have before making a decision to buy or opt – in. This way, visitors do not have to go to another website to look for more information; they can just pervert the answers to their questions without leaving your page.
Hi Matt, a really great article that pulls out many strengths. I’m a wedding photographer and I’m looking for new ways to funnel visitors by their current; challenges, position in their wedding and then addressing short term buyers vs longer cycle buyers
Create a Pinterest Account: Pinterest can add your marketing efforts by showcasing the pictures and infographics your business is creating, and “pinning” valuable content and ideas from other influencers. Build a following and harness leads to linking your photos to your site and calling – to – action phrases embedded in the photos that inspire lead conversion.
There are some sites that specialize in file sharing and it’s entirely up to you as to what files you are willing to share. If your files are deemed useful enough and get downloaded, you will make some commission.
Do you have a bunch of old clothes piled up in your closet, under your bed or in a dresser somewhere? If you have not worn it in two years, you will not wear it again. So start pulling it out and turn it into extra cash.
Craft Magnetic Headlines: You will not be able to convert any web traffic into leads, let alone customers, if you are not clicking through to read your content. You only have a few seconds to grab their attention, so you must strategically build your titles to appeal to motivators like fear and greed. Use a headline analyzer like this or spice up your headlines so you are fully maximizing your potential conversion.
Prospecting and marketing are all the things you do to get people into the first of your sales funnel internships. Note that stages are broken into two or more steps wherever possible. A demo can be called a single stage, but in real life it involves a lot of things: contacting the customer, sending reminders, doing the demo, and then up up. Whatever your own sales stages look like, the support you need in managing them will be the same.
A series of articles written for your article on one topic can be repurposed into an ebook, whitepaper, guide, or even a free audio for content marketing. Use your email newsletter to test content topics, subject lines, headlines, and more, then make your most popular content in an information product or opt-in gift.