Some of the best emails out there pair of super simple design with brief, clever copy. When it comes down to it, my daily emails from Poncho – which sends me customizable weather forecasts every morning – takes the cake. They are colorful, enjoyable pictures and GIFs, and are very easy to scan. The copy is brief but clever with some great puns, and it aligns perfectly with the brand. Check out the copy near the bottom asking to “hang out of email.” Hats off to Poncho for using design to better communicate its message.
Collect Renewal Dates: Also known as collecting X – dates, this is where agents track the date when a policy renews, and shortly before the policy anniversary, they call and offer to shop the customer’s rate. This is more useful for commercial purposes
Emails triggered by milestones, like anniversaries and birthdays, are fun to get – who does not like to celebrate a special occasion? The beauty of anniversary emails, in particular, is that they do not require subscribers to enter any extra data, and they can work for a variety of senders. Plus, the timeframe can be modified based on the business model.
Find items to sell. Purge your house. Set aside a few days or a weekend to clean out and declutter your house. Identify items to throw away, donate and sell. Categorize the items you want to sell. Different categories of items do better on different sites. [25] You can also go out and buy items for sale online at a mark-up.
Max, I’ve done this for years and still get surprised. My daily motivational post this morning I was talking to 1 of the top networkers in Europe, a helicopter pilot in NYC, networking in Ottawa and an insurance broker in Florida before 9 am. 3
User Testing – User Testing $ 10 pop for testing websites. A test usually takes about 15-20 minutes. The purpose is for a website owner to watch someone, who is new to their site, try to navigate it. The value that the site owner gets by watching a real user experience is worth your, but $ 10 is not a bad pay-out.
Join Twitter: Twitter is popular social network that enables agents to find free leads, as we talked about earlier. This social media channel is the basic 4, and is a necessity to join both to find and to promote and promote your brand so others can find it.
Host Talks for Local Meetups: If you have not gone to Meetup, you have to check it out. It’s one of the best local networking sites available. Simply browse groups that may contain your target market, and offer a free discussion on topic like “Getting the Wrong Burial Plan” or “Medicare Basics” or “What Does Medicare Not Cover”? Since these are more interactive discussions than formal presentations, this allows the agent to offer multiple topics as a menu of options to choose from.
Monitor Your Metrics: If you are not monitoring the metrics of your website, how do you know if your content is converting visitors to customers? Go to Google to set up your analytics and look at it weekly. This allows you to get rid of everything that does not work and focus on what you do to create customers out of your site visitors.
Another place to look for free online is the insurance industry forum, Chances are you found my blog through the forum, so you already know what a wonderful resource it can be, and you already know that you should fill out your profile on the forum with a link back to your website. You already know that, right?
7) Create a new lead gen offer – like a free ebook or whitepaper – and require visitors to provide their email address in order to download it. (Need ideas? This blog post lists 23 ways to create lead gen content quickly and easily.)
Do not get complacent when it comes to constant learning and training. These exercises are not just for those new to the sales game. Instead, all the levels of the team’s team have no need for periodic refreshers to allow them to stay abreast of the latest techniques and to learn by sharing knowledge and experience with others.
Add Security to Your Site: If you have not yet, consider signing up for SSL certificate and BBB badge. These elements can be used as long-term as a source of privacy and privacy.
A touch point is a case where a customer has some kind of interaction with your business. It was a good idea to see you in a newspaper, then heard about you on the radio, then saw a sign of your store, then found your website, then received an email, etc. …
I’m curious how much of the aspirational marketing makes. MailChimp barely mentions the fact that
Finally, there are some companies that will hire you to work from the comfort of your own home. If you are interested in working for someone else, it’s still making your own schedule and deciding where to work from, here are a few companies that will let you do that:
I learned this hard lesson when I was the president of an Inc. 5000 listed company. We were an internet-based company and I watched our budget costs. Each time we added multiple accounts or more accounts when it came to subscription services I noticed that our team’s activity was loaded and their effectiveness went from good to bad. Which means the more subscriptions we had seemed like though we were segmented into weakness. The reason why I’m bringing up Greg’s book is because it’s called the discipline pursuit of less. That’s what Click Functions’ Actionetics really helps you achieve quickly with one account.
Our marketing philosophy is simple: the act of selling services should feel like the natural next step in nurtured and trusting relationship. And that carefully crafted sales funnel is the pathway to achieve this.
Depending on what you sell and the site you use, you can make some pretty good chunks of cash by getting rid of your old clothes. Even small amounts can start to add up quickly – to give you an extra payment to your next time or spend money on your next vacation. And a lot of sites include a free shipping label, which makes the process pretty easy.
Through simple means like good training programs, effective reward systems and motivation techniques, a sales team driving the sales funnel can boost sales performance and ensure customer satisfaction. A team that can sell optimally is crucial to the very concept of the sales funnel. In general the sales team should strive to gain knowledge about changing market trends, new sales concepts and methods, innovations in products, changes in company policies and processes as well as how to adapt to any major or minor developments, both within their own organization and their customers,
Tutor students. Many families prefer the flexibility of using an online tutor. Depending on your background, you can be just helping a child with homework or providing college-level support. You need to have your own computer and high speed internet. Experience required differs among companies. Some require “strong experience,” whereas others require a specific educational background. However, most companies require a college degree.
Getting into someone’s inbox is like being invited to their home for dinner. If they ask you to take your shoes off, you respectfully do so. It’s the same with email marketing, so before we start I just like to remind you to be on your best behavior at all times and remember … you’re in their house.
There are links to my blog post or in the comments section of this YouTube video, and these are affiliate referral links to your extra cost to you. I get paid a commission if you decide to move forward with Fun Functions using those links. Now, I also provide some incredible bonuses that no one will give you, especially if you just sign up with Fun Functions by yourself and provide incentive. You’re probably thinking at this point, “Gosh, this guy certainly is not objective. He’s very biased because he’s just trying to get me so he can get a commission.” Yes and no.
Great post Brian. As one who has stupidly not concentrated on building my list till recently I found this post valuable to get my list on the right track. Thank you for this informative and easy to understand post. Bookmarked and shared.
A sales system really helps you to provide a consistent experience for the customer and provides a strategic approach for your sales team to know what to say and when
If an agent is not spending money to pay for it, then he’s spending time generating leads instead. It’s no secret in the industry that when you’re starting out (or you’re in a slump), if you have more time than money and you can not afford to pay for a full pipeline of lead, then you should look with your time to generate leads to fill your pipeline.
Mixergy works because they’re getting contact information. They’re giving you access to all of their content, but they’re charging you for it. There are areas of the site only members can access. There’s a little bit of mental friction there.
Our review: The surveys usually take about 10 minutes and are pretty easy to complete. You have to be honest as possible as they have a “strike system”. 3 bad surveys and you’re out (we like to see it as a challenge).
If you need help in building a highly converted funnel or want to know how a funnel can generate ROI for your business feel free to book free consultation on my site, NewlyPack. I’ll be more than happy to help you.
The beauty of Uber’s emails is in their simplicity. Email subscribers are alerted to deals and promotions with emails like the one you see below. We love how short the initial description is, paired with a very clear call-to-action – which is perfect for subscribers who are quickly skimming the email. For the people who want to learn more, these are followed by more detailed (but still pleasingly simple), step-by-step explanation of how the deal works.

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Include a FAQ On Your Site: When designing landing pages for the various products and services you offer, consider
How would one use this to promote fitness? both group crossfit classes and private training. I have a great gym that I want to constantly grow the group in, but my focus is now shifting to one on one
Implement each key area of ​​the sales funnel in your business. Your sales pipeline is essential to ensuring you have a new business on a regular basis. No matter whether you are online business or brick and mortar business, these sales funnel courses will help you to grow your business successfully.
The first stage in setting up sales funnel reporting is to understand your sales process fully (maybe using a technique like flowcharting). While sales processes are often quite similar from company-to-company, there may be points of difference depending on, for example, on the size of the order and the result to the customer of making the wrong purchase decision.
Think you know about the people who are reading your email emails? How much of what you “know” about them is based on assumptions? The strongest buyer personas are based on insights you collect from your real readership, through surveys, interviews, and so on, in addition to the market research. That’s exactly what Matt Becker of Mom and Dad Money does – and he does it very well very well.
Client Nurse: We’ve mentioned this a few times already, but that’s how important it is: stay in touch with customers throughout the year by sending them cards. This type of attention is the difference between customers and raving referral sources who will funnel free leads straight to you.
We wrote a post a bit about email mailing list, and in the course of writing that post, we got the Christmas morning jitters. We wanted to try every single idea we could. And so we did. And you did not know it, the ideas worked! I’m really happy to share with you our experience from an […]
Agents who want to get a leg up on the competition may consider subscribing to the sub-forums relevant to their niche, so they can monitor their email when a new thread is created, and if it’s a request for an agent to help then they can jump on it and be one of the first to respond.
A sales funnel is the marketing term for your trip your potential customers go through their way to a purchase. You start with a lot of potential customers who have heard of your product or service. A small part of that group may want to learn more, and a small part of that group may actually contact you.
of these other features that you’ve been Swiss army knifing together over here. “They’ve consolidated it into one epic package.
Additionally, there are always the old-fashioned ways to promote your resources: reach out to fellow entrepreneurs, bloggers, or even journalists and shoot them with your latest email attachment (hint: do not make them opt-in!).
stuff, as always. I would like to add one thing to improve conversions and build bigger list: use feature box. Derek Halpern from talks a lot about that, and it works like charm.
of email list building should be free from all types of irksome methods that may prove counterproductive. The basic secret to build a great email list is in the message to each visitor that “submit your email to get more value” but we need to prove with our offerings that they will give them more if they subscribe to your email list.
to ask about their own coverages.
ClickFunnels is basically a software that lets you design and create sales pages, landing pages and it lets you manage your entire sales funnel. You can create seven types of funnel with the help of Clickfunnels: – The Optin Lead Capture Funnel. The Sales Funnel.
Say I’m Sorry: We all have client relationships that ended badly. Looking to turn things around, revive an old lead maybe re – earn their commission? Reach out to them and tell them that you do not like how things ended, and if there’s anything you can do to help them in the future, then you are here for them – then add them back to your mailing list for sending cards and newsletter.
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There are many instances where the top of the funnel pass of all leads to the sales teams rather than properly qualifying them. This is a key mistake as a majority of those leading will never turn into sales. By having them all in a pool to target, the team will end up spending time, effort and resources in targeting someone who will never turn into a successful sale. Instead, the owners of the top and middle parts of the funnel should be trained to properly identify only those leads that can be turned into sales, whether now or at a later time.