It’s a good idea to get a lot of money, but remember that an email is a permission asset and it’s better to go out of the caution than to play it loose and reckless.
For example, many of your unqualified prospects may have existing suppliers with whom they are very satisfied. Others may have some other competitors who are better-placed to satisfy. Still others may love your products, but not have the budget to buy them.
Include an Email Signature: This is mandatory! Every agent must have an email signature that includes your name, business name, fax and phone numbers, and email. Your signature is also prime real estate to include a link to your website and, if possible, an embedded video of yourself that inspires trust and displays professionalism to the leading you email.
How easy is that? Asking your customers just put you in front of their mind and they will naturally think of friends that may find your business helpful. You can do this in person, on the phone, via your website, via social media or even automating an email or SMS campaign.
Platforms like BuddyPress for WordPress make it easy to set up a community and foster interaction between your brand and your customers. Include a sign-up form for your newsletter on every page of the community.
Landing pages are single pages that you have on your website with one purpose in mind: getting a potential customer to take action. This may be your phone or email to your free report or something similar.
Ever since I first heard that you can get free traffic from a thing called Google, I wanted that. But, I had no idea where to start. And what was even worse, every “great” tip I received from an “experts” was a complete BS that only sound nice but could never be used by real businesses. Most of those things are considered black-hat now. That’s how “great” those tips were.
Very nice, thank you. I make funnels for e-store hardware, and none of the above projects seemed similar to ours, they sell services, SaaS mainly. Can you show me some examples for my type of business please? Thank you
DisneyCollectorBR is a channel owned by an unnamed Brazilian woman that makes her between $ 1 to $ 8 million annually! She collects Disney toys and uploads videos of herself opening up the boxes, playing with the toys and explaining how each of them works.
On my blog post I even put a chart out showing you between the standard and the Etison Suite that Click Funnels has, how many more features they have compared to some of the big names in the online marketing space; Lead Pages, Infusionsoft, HubSpot, Unbounce, Ontraport, Mail Chimp, AWeber, all of these companies that have great brands that Click Funnels just replaced for me. I ditched Infusionsoft and Lead Pages, I had accounts with those guys. I have a Chimp account. All of these things are no longer needed because I have Actionetics which is part of the Click Functions Etison Suite.
Prospect the Paper: Whether it’s new homebuyers, birth announcements, obituaries, or current profit plans offered by companies in the classifieds, the newspaper is teaming with life event changes that open people up to possibly re – evaluating their insurance options. This is another old – school way to look that many agents are not doing anymore, although new agents can get this info from new – school sources like social media channels.
The best way to approach these Centers of Influence (COI) or referral sources is by sending a message to them stating that you saw their thread, that you are contracted with multiple carriers for cost and plan comparison, that you have served that area for X – number of years, and include a link to your website. You should also leave your real name (since forum members often use screen names) and contact info (email address, phone number, LinkedIn profile URL, etc.) After sending the message,
Our review: Pinecone is the Holy Grail of survey sites and invites are rare so it’s worth worth signing up while we have some invites on offer. The payout is great and the surveys do not take too long to complete. You sometimes get sent products to test and keep too!
Note how the language in the email above, “like” and “dislike,” mirrors the language in the buttons below? This is a simple way to get feedback from your email recipients to provide more personalized offers in their inbox, thus increasing the chance of a high clickthrough and discount redemption rate.
Craft Magnetic Headlines: You will not be able to convert any web traffic into leads, let alone customers, if you are not clicking through to read your content. You only have a few seconds to grab their attention, so you must strategically build your titles to appeal to motivators like fear and greed. Use a headline analyzer like this or spice up your headlines so you are fully maximizing your potential conversion.
This is a powerful tool in creating a successful sales funnel because you are the architect behind the design of your sales funnel. You decide what happens and when it happens. From emails, to timely sales calls to special offers when prospects interact with your website. Your sales funnel is boosted in effectiveness by marketing automation software such as Active Campaign.
Every company wants to solve problems for their customers. Basecamp takes it above and beyond. They give it the same meaning as their customers. That speaks to customers on a very natural, real, level.
Use ICE or Beneficiary Contacts: Most applications have an alternative to contact in case of emergency (“ICE”), in addition to a beneficiary. Simply ask the client if it’s OK that you can notify these contacts and offer to answer any questions they may have. While you are notifying these people, it only takes a minute
Unlike Grasshopper, Basecamp has changed a lot since I last wrote. They constantly test new designs. Their homepage is constantly changing. They show a lot of social proof. There’s a lot of focus on the problems they can solve. They are very visual. They use a lot of cartoons and drawings.

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When you send an email, include a forward-to-a-friend link in case the recipients want to forward your content to someone they think will find it interesting. Make sure the link directors new to your page with your opt-in form.
You would like to setup a simple funnel for each of your most popular services that include a landing page describing the service in detail, plus an opt-in incentive (e.g. opt-in to see pricing) combined with some automated follow-up.
Interlink Your Webpages: If you have pages on your website and blog referencing similar topics, they should be interlinking between each other to not only relevant relevant information, but also let the search engine know what’s valuable content that’s link – worthy on your site . The more links to a page you have on your site, the better it will rank. Traditionally, that means linking to a quote page or some type of conversion page on your site.
Understand how a niche website works. A niche website focuses on very targeted, specific information. The content must be specific, useful and interesting to your target audience. Successful niche websites get anywhere from 1,000 to 10,000 visitors per month. [5] You build content on a particular keyword, and you make passive income with Google Adsense or through affiliate links. [6]
As I’ve said, their homepage is very simple with few colors and illustrations. The CTA buttons are found on the homepage: first in the fold, then midway down the page, and then at the bottom.
Hi Matt, a really great article that pulls out many strengths. I’m a wedding photographer and I’m looking for new ways to funnel visitors by their current; challenges, position in their wedding and then addressing short term buyers vs longer cycle buyers
Do you remember hearing that? It’s one of those legendary pieces of Internet history created when the road was still paved and we were foraging our way through the wilderness of what was the original World Wide Web.
Once you open up an email from
Who are they? This is a little different to others, focusing more on social issues and general interest topics. YouGov polls include topics such as politics, public affairs and commercial products. Great if you have big opinions!
Create a Pinterest Account: Pinterest can add your marketing efforts by showcasing the pictures and infographics your business is creating, and “pinning” valuable content and ideas from other influencers. Build a following and harness leads to linking your photos to your site and calling – to – action phrases embedded in the photos that inspire lead conversion.
BuzzFeed, the copy is equally awesome. Just take a look at that glorious alt text action where the images should be. The email still conveys what it is supposed to convey – and looks great – whether you use an image or not. That’s definitely something to admire.
Find a profitable niche. Starting with your interests, write down as many niche ideas as you can. Think about topics people can search online. Ideas include passions (like surfing or body building), fears (like spiders or talking in front of crowds) and problems (like getting out of debt). Do keyword research to see others are interested in the topic. Find out if a domain name is available that matches the keyword 100%. [7]